Go Tell It On The Mountain

The Journey of the 10 Trails of Wisdom

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Go Tell It On The Mountain

Her name is Gretchen and she comes from a small Midwest family.

For years, Gretchen dreams of leaving the confines of small town life so she can follow her dream of making it big in New York City.

She arrives in the big city and in only a few short years experiences a meteoric rise to the top of her profession.

She has all the spectacular rewards of success—fame, fortune, travel, romance, adventure—plus all the material rewards one could ever want.

Yet there remains a hunger, an emptiness and a missing piece of Gretchen’s life she has never been able to find.

Until one day.

In a New York City coffee shop, Gretchen meets the woman whose words will change her life and inspire her to do something she has never done before.

The words the woman speaks penetrate deep to the heartstrings of Gretchen’s soul, and for the first time in her life she does not listen to the fear of the unknown.

A spark is lit. No one or no thing can hold back the message of what she knows she must do.

She is about to embark on a journey to a new place, thousands of miles away and deep inside the rainforests of South America.

A place where she will meet the world’s wisest woman and her family.

There, on The Mountain, Gretchen will begin another kind of journey, traveling along the 10 Trails of Wisdom.

On this journey, Nature will teach Gretchen the lessons of life she has always searched for, and the trails will lead her unexpectedly to The Answer.

This is her story.

This is your story.

This is the story the Universe wants us all to know.

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