How To Make It In The New Music Business

The music business has completely changed.  It’s time you take control of it with the book that will show you how.

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How To Make It In The New Music Business

Music’s Legends Show You How To…

* Write Your Best Song with Pop Songwriting Superstar Diane Warren
* Record and Mix Your Best Sounding Record with Bob Clearmountain
* Master a Hit Record with Bob Ludwig
* The Must Read “Real Inside Story” of the Music Business Told by Steve Lukather
* Get the Sound You’ve Always Wanted with Bob Bradshaw
* Plus tons of killer business, marketing and PR strategies that can help you today!

The Reviews…


What if you could talk one-on-one with some of the greatest names in music today, like Grammy winning ASCAP songwriter Diane Warren, Grammy winning artist/legendary guitarist/founding member of “Toto” Steve Lukather, the famed record engineer and producer Bob Clearmountain, and mastering engineer to the stars Bob Ludwig and others, and they gave you their much sought-after advice on how to make music just like the biggest and best music stars.

In How To Make It In The New Music Business, Robert Wolff not only gives you this information from his interviews with these music legends, but reveals to you the technology and equipment that the “real music artists and producers” use to make their hit records and shows you how to use it to make hit sounding major record label quality music and records anywhere.

Think of this book as your “Music Road Map” that will take you from where you are to where you want to be, simply by following its step-by-step plan.

Far too many songwriters and musicians spend years and years of their lives becoming great at their craft, but rarely, do many of them know how the real world music game is played, or how to create a hugely successful career and do it all on their own terms. With this book, those days are over.

From Readers…

“Having received significant interest from DreamWorks, Hollywood and Maverick all within the last three months, I have fast come to the realization of which you have categorically confirmed for me in your book. Thank you for an extremely interesting read.”
–Mike C.

“The book is a bible for those just starting in the music industry, and a revelation for people that have been in the business for a long time.”
–Crystal (

“What is needed in order to succeed in todays music industry. Well written and inspiring it is a very enjoyable read for anyone just starting out in the business or veterans who wish to touch up on all aspects of the industry. I enjoyed the inspiring words from Bob Clearmountain and Bob Ludwig.” 
–Brian T.

“Recently I was looking for a book to learn more about the music business, contracts, marketing, new ways of distribution, etc. I encountered this book and decided to get a sample into my Kindle and read the first chapter. After that I bought it and kept reading. The book is divided into different lessons, which are organized in a logical manner analogous to the way you go into starting a business, producing and album and selling it. The book covers a lot of material and it is written in a very friendly way, easy to understand. If you are interested in music and music business you will definitely find some sound advice and a lot of inspiration in this book. It opened my mind in many ways.”
 –J.P. Mantilla

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