I Know Why DOG is GOD Spelled Backwards

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I Know Why Dog is God Spelled Backwards

We live in an amazing Universe. Sometimes things happen in our lives where we have no idea of just how that experience will change our lives from that moment on.

Like having a dog. They give us love. We give them love. And they make us better just because we loved them.

But there’s more. Lots more.

Behind the outward affection and love we share with them, come lessons about love, about life and about ourselves that would not and could not have happened unless our dog was in our life.

Yet there’s a surprise.

It’s a message your most beloved best friend wants you to know, a message you may never have realized.

It’s the way you changed your best friend’s life.

You see, you and your dog didn’t come into each other’s lives by accident. Oh no. It’s much bigger than that. It was on purpose. You both chose each other.

Now, you’re about to understand why.

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