Lose The Butt, Lose The Gut, And Get Out Of The Rut

Almost Effortless Ways to Get You Looking and Feeling Better Again

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Lose The Butt, Lose The Gut, and Get Out Of The Rut

In this crazy non-stop, on-the-go world, it’s little wonder why so many of us have so little time to take better care of ourselves.

Then when we do, we overdo it. And if we don’t, we end up feeling guilty about not doing enough of the things we keep telling ourselves we should.

Enough already!
It’s time for something different, something fresh and something so simple to add to your life, that it’s going to feel almost effortless.

It’s time for Lose the Butt, Lose the Gut and Get Out of the Rut!

What you’re about to discover are the weekly tips—those small little things that can only take seconds—that have the power to make profound changes in how you look and feel.

Now imagine a full year—yes, 52 weeks—of brand new weekly motivational, exercise and nutrition tips, giving you a complete year’s guide for simple, easy changes you’ll see and feel beginning the first week.

Best of all, each of the book’s tips has been carefully selected to fit easily in your lifestyle, regardless of the time you have or your experience level.

As a bonus to the book’s Weekly Quick Tips, you’ll also find a Weekly Guide that allows you to chart your progress each week. You’ll find the power of such reinforcement—seeing and feeling firsthand, every week, how your life and body are changing—to be highly motivating as you turn the pages back to the previous weeks and read the notes you made about the changes you saw and felt taking place in your body and life.

You’re going to smile when you see just how quickly and far you’ve come.

Lose the Butt, Lose the Gut and Get Out of the Rut! is the Daily and Weekly Guide that will give you what you desire: a fast and simple way to change how you look and feel in only minutes each week.

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