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Fitness Books

“A revolutionary fitness program, in a weekly format, provides readers with a total health makeover that features inspirational quotes, mental tips for tapping into the power of mind over matter, exercise tips, and nutritional advice. Original.”

–Amazon.com UK Review (first printing)

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“I purchased your book while I was in Japan training for martial arts competitions. Using the routines just as described in the book…I met all my fitness goals in less time than I had planned. Thanks for publishing great books!”

–Clay C.

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“Sir, my name is (name withheld by request) and I am a Captain in the U.S. Army. If there is one principle I’ve learned in the army from my days as a West Point Cadet to my current position as the Aide-de-Camp for the Senior U.S. General of all U.S. Military Forces, it is the B.L.U.F. principle. That is, Bottom Line Up Front. I learned a LOT from your book. Very inspiring!”

“Robert Wolff is in a class of his own. Few writers can capture the muscle and soul of bodybuilding like him.”

–Lee Haney, eight-time Mr. Olympia and world champion bodybuilder

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“Robert Wolff has changed untold numbers of people’s lives all over the world with his knowledge and words of wisdom when he wrote for my magazines. I’m happy to say, with this new book, he can do the same for you.”

–Joe Weider, publisher, Muscle & Fitness, SHAPE, Men’s Fitness and FLEX magazines

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“Robert Wolff has an intuitive understanding of and in-the-gym knowledge about all aspects of training. His message and book will change your physique and your life.”

–Steve Reeves, former Mr. America and Mr. Universe and actor

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“Bob Wolff’s experience, knowledge, and desire to provide the latest in breakthrough research are unmatched.”

–Carol Semple, Ms. Olympia Fitness

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“No matter how much one builds or gets their body in shape or how far they dream of going in sports, you have to always stay hungry for knowledge and open to try new and different things that can turn it around for you in a great way. One person who has been doing that in a big way for a lot of people is Robert Wolff. His books are excellent because his information is excellent and it works. The advice from this Mr. Olympia is simple: Get this book!”

–Ronnie Coleman, eight-time Mr. Olympia

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“For the majority of us…it’s about looking and feeling your best. It’s about changing your life. And the guy who can inspire, motivate, and show you how to do it like no other is my friend, Robert Wolff. The book you are now holding will be the guide you’ll refer to time and time again, because Robert Wolff’s message and inspiration are timeless—and I guarantee they will work wonders for you if you follow his advice.”

–Cory Everson, six-time Ms. Olympia

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“The best book out there. This book is perfect for anyone who is into bodybuilding, or just lifting weights to get into shape. It offers workouts for people who can make it to the gym only 3 times a week, those who can go more often, and those who can’t make it at all! Normally the most difficult thing for me to overcome when working out is boredom. However, with this book, I can change up my routine whenever the old one gets boring. I can’t recommend this book highly enough!”


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“This is THE author to believe in. I won’t go nuts with this review because it is simple: this author and this book is the first step to take…PERIOD! I had been working out since I was 14, and I honestly did not know what I was doing until I was about 24 or older with lots of wasted time. I had read many books, tons of those popular “magazines.” All of them left me confused and going in circles. My advice is start with this book and read it cover to cover. Then go buy his other books. These books alone will give you all you need to know. After that, your experience and knowledge will guide you from then on. I also recommend buying any other book Dr. Wolff has written. Also, this guy is no pasty pale, 100 pound Doctor reading from a textbook. He has used these methods himself and as you can see by the pictures of him in the books, he is huge and healthy. He walks the walk. Robert Wolff gives you proven and time tested material, coupled with his own personal experience. He goes over proper diet, proper technique and methodology to get you started off on the right foot. All of us are different and what works in the magazine interviews of the pro bodybuilders probably will not work for you. Did I mention that the author really will answer your e-mail questions! Yes, I have had actually direct communication with him. He answered my questions and was more than happy to help. Forget Atkins, South Beach, and all the other hype out there. Read and learn from Dr. Wolff.”


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“There’s no one who can teach you better than Robert Wolff. It’s one thing for someone to show people how to exercise; it’s quite a rarity for someone to be able to motivate and inspire you to want to exercise and change your life. Robert Wolff can. With great pleasure I give you the life-changing message of Robert Wolff. The world over, he has proved he is the one who knows how to do it!”

–Ben Weider, C.M., Ph.D.

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The book you’re about to read is written by the man I consider to be one of the best and most knowledgeable people in all of fitness. His grasp, understanding, writing, teaching and highly motivating style is second to none. Bob Wolff is a top expert and if you follow his advice, you’re virtually guaranteed to develop a great body.

People have often asked how I met Bob. I’d like to tell you the story of how it all began.

Some years ago, a young man came to see me. I don’t think he realized it at the time, but I saw something in him that he didn’t see. Call it a gut feeling or hunch, but there was something about him that was different and what I believed to be an untapped ability. So I decided I’d put him to the test.

“Can you write?” I asked him, as I studied the expression on his face.

“I don’t know” he replied with a surprised look, “I can write letters.”

“Good. I want you to write something for me.”

“What should I write about?” he asked.

“Write about anything you want. Let me see what you can do.”

And with that, the young man left.

A week later, my secretary paged me and said that the same young man who I had met a week earlier had come back and wanted to see me. As he was escorted into my office, I asked him to sit down and as he did, he handed me a stapled stack of hand written words on yellow legal paper.

“Mr. Weider” he said, “I’ve written something for you and I hope you like it.”

I took the paper, handed it back to him and asked him put his telephone number on the top of the front page and told him I’d read it and let him know what I thought.

Three days later, I called his home, spoke to his mother and told her to give her son the message to call me. The next day he did and this is what I told him.

“I’ve read your article (on “How to Stay Motivated to Work Out”) and I love it. Now, I’m going to tell you three things, so listen closely. Number one: I want to give you a monthly column in Muscle & Fitness. Number two: I want you to write for all of my magazines. And number three: You’ve got a full-time job working for me out here in California any time you like.”

That young man’s name is Bob Wolff.

Since that time, I’ve shared many laughs and happy times with Bob. We’ve worked on great articles together. Have had many discussions over lunch and dinner about anything from history to religion, bodybuilding to business, women and relationships to many other things.

I’ve sent him all over the world to talk to, interview and work with many of the world’s greatest names in bodybuilding, fitness and health. He’s written books with bodybuilding’s greatest bodybuilders and has covered bodybuilding’s biggest events from China to Finland to Austria, Korea and many, many places in-between.

And even though he left the magazine some years ago to become an author, the one thing he has always stayed true to — and I believe always will — is a genuine love for training and staying hungry to learn new and different things. I’m proud to say he’s now refined them to a point to where they work for the greatest numbers of people and believe me, that’s no easy feat.

I see a lot of myself in Bob. Perhaps that was one of the things that drew me to him from the start. He’s a man of great talents, be they bodybuilding, writing, music, speaking, and many other things the world has yet to see. And I’m proud of him.

As I think back on things and the more than 70 years I’ve lived and loved weight training and working out, it amazes me to this day that I still have the same passion for it that I did as a young boy in Canada who trained hard and was excited with every new inch of muscle I put on my body and every 10-pounds of strength I’d gain on the barbell. Sure, I’m older, but the passion is still there and can be for you too, if you live a healthy life, work out, have faith in yourself, use your God-given talents and find just the right kind of balance in everything you do.

Yes, time changes all of us. Youth leaves us and its place comes knowledge, wisdom, understanding and also the capacity to appreciate and enjoy the gift of life, good health, treasure new experiences, remember back on great ones and cherish good friends.

Bob Wolff is such a friend. He changed untold numbers of people’s lives all over the world with his knowledge and words of wisdom when he wrote for my magazines. And I’m happy to say, with this new book, he can do the same for you.

–Joe Weider



Music Book

“Think of this book as your “Music Road Map” that will take you from where you are to where you want to be, simply by following its step-by-step plan.

“What if you could talk one-on-one with some of the greatest names in music today, like Grammy winning ASCAP songwriter Diane Warren, Grammy winning artist/legendary guitarist/founding member of “Toto” Steve Lukather, the famed record engineer and producer Bob Clearmountain, and mastering engineer to the stars Bob Ludwig and others, and they gave you their much sought-after advice on how to make music just like the biggest and best music stars?

“In How to Make it in the New Music Business, author Robert Wolff not only gives you this information from his interviews with these music legends, but reveals to you the technology and equipment that the “real music artists and producers” use to make their hit records and shows you how to use it to make hit sounding major record label quality music and records anywhere.

“Far too many songwriters and musicians spend years and years of their lives becoming great at their craft, but rarely, do many of them know how the real world music game is played, or how to create a hugely successful career and do it all on their own terms. With this book, those days are over.”

–ASCAP Review

• • •

“Having received significant interest from DreamWorks, Hollywood and Maverick all within the last three months, I have fast come to the realization of which you have categorically confirmed for me in your book. Thank you for an extremely interesting read.”

–Mike C.

• • •

“Most grateful, I loved it, I’m a songwriter and performer trying to make sense of the current market and for me, this is a wonderful book. It’s well written, packed with useful information, well researched and clearly by someone who knows the music industry well, and has done their research. I’ve recommended it to several people. And thanks for putting it on Kindle. Just wish I’d known all this years ago!”
–R.G. Hill

• • •

“I was blown away by the information packed into this book. Robert Wolff sits down with several music legends and picks their brains about the music industry. The insider tips and secrets that come up are so valuable you feel like you’re being mentored by all of these artists. As you read it, you find yourself getting increasingly excited by all of this new knowledge and you can’t wait to start applying some of these lessons to get your career to take off. Absolutely worth the purchase price and ten times more. If you’re interested in starting a career in the music industry, or in taking your career to the next level, you can’t afford NOT to read this.”

• • •

“The book is a bible for those just starting in the music industry, and a revelation for people that have been in the business for a long time.”

–Crystal (www.MusicContracts101.com)

• • •

“What is needed in order to succeed in todays music industry. Well written and inspiring it is a very enjoyable read for anyone just starting out in the business or veterans who wish to touch up on all aspects of the industry. I enjoyed the inspiring words from Bob Clearmountain and Bob Ludwig.”

–Brian T.

• • •

“Recently I was looking for a book to learn more about the music business, contracts, marketing, new ways of distribution, etc. I encountered this book and decided to get a sample into my Kindle and read the first chapter. After that I bought it and kept reading. The book is divided into different lessons, which are organized in a logical manner analogous to the way you go into starting a business, producing and album and selling it. The book covers a lot of material and it is written in a very friendly way, easy to understand. If you are interested in music and music business you will definitely find some sound advice and a lot of inspiration in this book. It opened my mind in many ways.”

–J.P. Mantilla

• • •

“This book is a must have for any aspiring artist that is attempting to make it in the new music industry!”
–Sudden Impact



Other Books

If Only I Knew Then What I Know Now
“Robert Wolff’s book touched my heart and changed my life. In each of his 177 Life Lessons, Wolff shares–in just a few conversational paragraphs–remarkable insights and wisdom to infuse our lives with understanding, joy and personal and professional fulfillment. “If I Only Knew Then” has helped me greet each new day with more enthusiasm than ever, and to approach everyday situations and challenges with a new understanding and, yes, even a sense of gratitude for the opportunity to learn still more.”
–Lynette S.

• • •

“This book [If Only I Knew Then What I Know Now] gave me an unbelievable “high on life” feeling that I really needed. Robert Wolff lays out 177 life lessons in a format that’s really easy to read and digest. Some of the lessons are light and bring a nice warm smile to your face, while others hit really hard and make you want to run out and start changing your life for the better right away. The book really is like a good friend who guides you along and helps you to make the right decisions for yourself, and warns you when a decision you’re making might work against you when it comes to living the life you want. I’d recommend this book to absolutely anybody. It’s packed with an enormous amount of insight and wisdom and I know I’ll read it a dozen more times.”
–ForThe Quinn

• • •

“Robert Wolff has poured his wisdom, experience and insights from living a meaningful life into lessons of life for us all. In an easy-to-read format, he sets the tone for each lesson with a powerful quote, description of a recognizable situation, followed by an explanation of the important lesson to be learned from it. I have recommitted to the lessons that resonated most with me: forgive others because it sets us free; balance our spiritual, physical and emotional sides to ensure happiness; and live in the present to achieve what we want. For those seeking deeper meaning, a more vibrant life, and relief from worry I highly recommend ‘If I Only Knew Then What I Know Now.’”
–Flora B.

• • •

Go Tell It On The Mountain
I have read several books by Robert Wolff over the years. I found this book very inspiring. Robert Wolff has so much talent and I think this is one of many of his books that makes you feel wonderful after you read it. The lessons learned are always essential.”

• • •

“This book really floored me. It’s absolutely going to be one that people talk about in the years to come. I’ve read a couple of Robert Wolff’s non-fiction books and really enjoyed his philosophy on life, but this novel really caught me by surprise. It’s the story of a woman who achieve success in just about every way that the majority of people pursue it, and yet she doesn’t feel fulfilled. She ends up going on a journey through South America, traveling through the “10 Trails of Wisdom” where she learns invaluable lessons from nature about life. You simply must read this. It is of that rare breed of fiction that you truly feel like a wiser, stronger person for having read. Five stars, easily!”

• • •

Think Like An Immigrant
“Self-motivation is one thing when you’re striving to make a go of it–but how and where do you apply that motivation? This tool boils it all down to 14 steps you can apply to your own situation to help you stay focused and shorten your road to success.”
–Lynette S.

• • •

“This is a phenomenal self-help book that gives you an immense amount of knowledge about how to be a success at virtually anything. Robert Wolff takes you through 14 key principles he has observed in immigrants and teaches you how you can apply them to your life in order to do be successful. Reading some of the lessons, you feel like there’s a lightbulb flicking on in your head. Most of the lessons are fairly simple, but they’re very well explained and you can instantly recognize just how valuable they could be. The book is very well written in a simple and to-the-point tone, and packed with useful information that can certainly do wonders for your life. A really incredible book. Highly recommended.”

• • •

“First of all, let me say that I have three of your books and I love each one.”

–Brian B.

• • •

“I have recently purchased your new book and all I have to say about it is that it is awesome.”

–Allvyn L.

• • •

“I would like to start this message by saying how much I have enjoyed your books. I consider myself a much more knowledgeable person after reading them. Thank you!”

–Rory V.

• • •

“First I would like to say that I love your book. It has inspired me to break out of the slump I was in. Thank you.”

–Clark W.